Animal communication email session, Sagittarius way

Animal communication email session

During an Animal Communication Session, I communicate intuitively with the animal through pictures, words, feelings and energy.

In this Animal Communication Session, I will connect with your animal and record the session. You can listen to the session in your own time. You then have the option to ask me 3 extra questions that came up for you while listening to the recording. This is a wonderful way to connect with your animal and take your time to let the messages sink in.

You send me a picture of your animal, name and where the animal is at the moment of the reading via email prior to the session.

During the time together with your pet, I check in to find out what is going on, how they are feeling and what they want you to know. I then answer any questions you have for them or about them that you have send me via email prior. My aim is to make the session crafted around your wishes and what is important for the animal. (of course if possible of course)

By the end of the session, you will feel a deeper connection with the animal, your questions will be answered, you will receive needed solutions and both you and your animal will feel a shift into peace and clarity.

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