Animal Fellowship Sagittarius way.

Animal fellowship

Welcome to the Animal Fellowship here at Sagittarius Way.

Looking for a community of like-minded people? You found it here. We connect with animals and nature in a way that there is a balance in learning – joy – healing. We have a seat ready for you.Every month with the new moon we gather together with love and openness. So we can share and learn from one another within a safe community.

Together we:

  • Share our stories
  • meditate
  • explore animals
  • ask questions about the animal of the month
  • hold space for one another for what needs to share
  • work on our own intentions

In 2021 we are meeting up @ 10 am Mountain time:

  • January 12, our central topic Dogs
  • February 11, our central topic Cats
  • March 15, our central topic Horses
  • April 20, our central topic Bobcats
  • May 11, our central topic Foxes
  • June 10, our central topic Chicken
  • July 9, our central topic Cows
  • August 8, our central topic Eagles
  • September 6, our central topic Moose
  • November 4, our central topic Mice
  • December 4, our central topic Reindeer

After the session, you will receive a recording of the session, the meditation we worked with and a love sheet. The love sheet is some helpful homework you can choose to play with for the month.You can join us for all 12 topics ( $111) or join in for a once-off session ($11).See you soon!Join us for all topics

To join us for a once off session

General booking session: