Celebrating our love for Animals

World Animal Day is the day we celebrate all animals and everything they represent in our lives. We celebrate what they mean and how they add to our lives and how much we love having them in our lives.

We have St Francis of Assisi and his love for animals to thank for this day. St Francis of Assini’s initial intention was to make people aware of the endangered animals.

Every year on 4 October, animal lovers celebrate World Animal Day worldwide including, all animal life. This year, 4 October at 11:00 am, I invite you to celebrate with other animal lovers worldwide.

I will share a brief history of how World Animal Day came to be and honor St Francis of Assini by sharing some of his wisdom about animal love, after which I invite you to share your stories of a pet you had or have and what joy they bring to your life.

I am excited to receive your messages and cannot wait to celebrate this day with you and your furry friend.

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