Connecting with an animal that passed, Sagittarius way.

Connecting with an animal that passed

When an animal passes away, it can be just as hard to work through as losing a family member or friend. We are left with lots of unresolved questions; we want to know what has happened and if they’re okay.

Even if your animal passed a long time ago, it is never too late to connect with them. All I will need in advance is their birth date, date of passing, their name, and nicknames you had for them. This will make it easier to ensure that I can connect with your animal.In this session, I use a combination of methods to contact and connect with the animal that has passed on. I communicate with them using images, words, and energy, which I will interpret with your help, in order to pass on their messages to you.If you would like me to contact an animal that has passed away, you can book a session below.