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Enter and find out how Reiki can help your horse

Horse lovers readily agree that what’s good for a horse is usually also good for the owner. This is definitely true when considering the benefits of reiki for horses. This gentle and non-intrusive therapy traces its modern origins to human patients in Japan. Today it’s growing in popularity as a healing tool that can benefit horses physically, emotionally and mentally.

This month, I am having a competition. You stand a chance to win a ‘reiki’ treatment to help release emotional wounds in a safe space. Treating horses and pets with Reiki helps relax and calm them, making it easier for owners and trainers to handle them and resolve behavioral issues. A calmer horse means a calmer, happier owner.

We could have a serious breakthrough.  The competition will run from July 5th and will end on July 23rd. We will be announcing the winner on the Sagittarius Way Facebook page.

Fill in your details and stand a chance to win!

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