one on one panic room session, Sagittarius way.

One-on-one panic room session

I offer a special treatment in their efforts to improve communication between animals and their human companions. Along with other treatments on offer there is a one on one panic room session.

A panic room session is a crisis treatment that works on a strict focus and communication between me and your animal. I work to determine wherein the problem lies. This would then be communicated to you, along with a solution for the problem.I feel that direct one on one communication is an effective way for your animal to communicate their problem with me without any outside influence. The purpose of this session is for when the situation is dire for you and/or your beloved companion.I want to help strengthen the bond between you and your beloved pets and I am confident that I can with my unique therapy session. If you feel as though you may require a panic room session rather than normal treatment, then please leave your details below and I will contact you to book a session.