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Sagittarius Way is back with another animal circle webinar

A relationship with a four-legged (or in some cases a two-legged) companion vary from owner to pet, as every animal is different with its own personality. The great thing about this is that every pet wants to bond with its owner and strengthening any bond is vital for a fruitful relationship.

Sagittarius Way brings you another animal circle webinar on 3 June at 1pm (mountain time) – 3pm (est)  where we will work on strengthening that long-lasting bond with your companions so that you get to hear what they’ve always wanted to tell you. The great thing about this webinar is that you will be doing it in your own relaxed environment, a space that will be peaceful for you and your pet as we help each other to grow and learn more.

If you don’t have your own pet, that’s okay – you can still attend the webinar and watch how I connect and communicate with my own animal. Like the first webinar, the animal circle will feature one on one coaching from myself as we try to decipher the messages that our animals are sending us in their own unique way. This webinar is open for 12 people and the first people to register will receive a reply with the times for my webinar, as well as the option to sign up for a monthly circle and further tips on communicating with your animals.

Let’s strengthen those open channels of communication and bond with our companions in our animal circle. Register below.

Sorry, this webinar is full. If you'd like to be on the waiting list, and receive a $10 discount voucher on a session, please click here to leave your details and we'll let you know if a place opens up.