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learn how to connect more intuitively with your dog

Join our animal circle to learn how to connect more intuitively with your furry companions.

The power of the group is that the intention of learning is not an individual journey. The fun of communicating with animals is that it is a community. Something animals …

SAGITTARIUS WAY - what is in a name

why the name of your animal is so vital

I got to know Emiel van de Koekoek (aka Albert then) as my first massage client. He was standing in the corner, being a bit grumpy. I thought he must …

become one with your animal, Sagittarius way.

Join me at The Animal Communicator and Healer Summit.

Have you ever wished that you could communicate with your pets? I’m sure you have. This is a dream that many of us wish to achieve. If you would like …


Be in tune with the power of the horse.

Working with meditation is a powerful tool. Horses love it when we calm down and get out of our minds and into our bodies, as this is the level where …

SAGITTARIUS WAY walk vs trot blog

One of the biggest secrets is using the “walk vs. trot” as a diagnostic tool.

If your horse is more noticeably lame or “off” at a trot, then typically the cause of the problem is in the legs. Your veterinarian should be called first, before …

SAGITTARIUS WAY wisest teachers blog

Horses are our wisest teachers

Therapies in which animals have the main role are not unknown. They can help us defeat fears, accept our flaws, in other words, they can help us become better persons. …

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