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Join me at The Animal Communicator and Healer Summit.

Have you ever wished that you could communicate with your pets? I’m sure you have. This is a dream that many of us wish to achieve. If you would like to learn how to communicate with animals then The Animal Communicator and Healers Summit is something that you will surely enjoy. I am thrilled to …


Be in tune with the power of the horse.

Working with meditation is a powerful tool. Horses love it when we calm down and get out of our minds and into our bodies, as this is the level where the horse likes to connect (of course this is where all animals and nature like to connect with us). Horses are always one with the …

SAGITTARIUS WAY walk vs trot blog

One of the biggest secrets is using the “walk vs. trot” as a diagnostic tool.

If your horse is more noticeably lame or “off” at a trot, then typically the cause of the problem is in the legs. Your veterinarian should be called first, before a chiropractor or other body worker. For example, let’s say that your four-year-old Thoroughbred mare is “headbobbing” lame at the trot, yet looks fine at …

SAGITTARIUS WAY wisest teachers blog

Horses are our wisest teachers

Therapies in which animals have the main role are not unknown. They can help us defeat fears, accept our flaws, in other words, they can help us become better persons. Horses are among those creatures that have the amazing ability to help you grow from all points of view, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. What …

Get To Know Renée.

Find out more about me in a one-on-one 15min introduction call. Let us see what I can help you with when it comes to you and your animal.
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