Watch my podcast interview to hear secret ways animals talk to us.

I recently had the opportunity to be a part of The Dreamcatcher Podcast. It was a lovely opportunity to share some insight into how we can learn life lessons from animals and create meaningful bonds. You can watch my episode HERE.

If you’re someone who owns a pet or who just loves animals in general then you’re going to find this episode a treat. My guest Renee Vos de Wael is an animal communicator and an intuitive soul coach. She founded Sagittarius Way where she helps humans and animals through physical, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Renee and I will be discussing the many different ways animals communicate with us. She also provides guidance on how we can build a deeper and more meaningful bond with our fellow Earthlings.


01:01: Renee’s story
04:06: The different ways animals communicate with us
06:48: The biggest barriers to building soul connections with animals
09:42: Life lessons animals can teach us
13:37: Renee’s tips on building a deeper connection with our pets and animals